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Reviews of Complete


“**** [FOUR STARS]  …Every word counts.”

“Lacerating wit and tough insight… surprisingly funny and bracingly bright”


“Critic’s Pick”
— BACKSTAGE (NYC production)

“A piercing parody.”
— BACKSTAGE (LA production)

“Clever, well-written and sharp.”
— EyeSpyLA

“A daring and definitively entertaining look at how language shapes our experience of life.”
—  Life IN LA

“…a well-crafted, wonderfully intelligent and poetic work… ‘Complete’ delivers to the max.”

“a thought-provoking dark comedy about the intense, often abused power of language…Highly intelligent and linguistically rich, this is a play for those of us who love words”

“a smart play…with a humorous grace that is touching and true to life”

“continually fascinating and surprising…a smart, witty story”

“Experience this show.”
One Producer In The City



Reviews of We Play for the Gods

“Full of laughs…wry comedy.”

– Associated Press

“Blows the house down…a work you should not miss!”


Reviews of Human Fruit Bowl


“Do This!”


“#1 – Hong Kong’s Hot 5”


“Still-life brilliance keeps audience spellbound”


“…finely crafted, endlessly interesting…” 


“Miraculous… the way the story unfolds through this fusion of one-person show and art class keeps us hooked.”

— New York Theatre Review

“A surprisingly engrossing production…Human Fruit Bowl rivets its audience”

— TheaterMania

“This little play, written so cleverly and richly, performed with such artful panache, and directed with ease and subtlety by Jessi D. Hill, deserves to be seen by art lovers – and by that I mean lovers of the arts – everywhere.” —

“Absolutely gripping… utterly compelling” – Expats, Czech Republic

“Quite powerful and at times even profound.” –, Czech Republic

“Andrea Kuchlewska’s play is a gem…This is intimate, delightful and highly effective theatre.” –Otago Daily Times, Dunedin NZ

“Delightful, witty, intelligent, charmingly infectuous.” –Theatreview, Wellington, NZ

When a Naked Woman Speaks, You Tend to Pay Attention by Larry Kunofsky –

Huffington Post  Award Winning Play HUMAN FRUIT BOWL Unravels the Pierre Bonnard  and Renee Monchaty Myth by Lanie Zipoy

“One-woman play reveals naked truth” – Otago Daily Times, NZ

“Award-winning show bares all” – The Southland Times, NZ

Exeunt Jordan Teicher interviews Harmony Stempel and Andrea Kuchlewska – “Throwing Muses”  ’Human Fruit Bowl’: The naked play comes to Hong Kong

Time Out Hong Kong  


Stage: Human Fruit Bowl

“the first word that comes to mind to describe HUMAN FRUIT BOWL…is beautiful”, NYC

“fantastically interesting” –, Czech Republic

“sharp, funny and poignant” –, Heather Violanti

“It’s more than a play. It’s an education.” –

“an exciting and intriguing play that breathes new life into the genre and leaves a thoughtful, reflective and appreciative audience…adeptly takes the normally straightforward one-person show concept and twists it into both a group experience and a mystery” –

“smart and compelling” –Upstage-Downstage

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