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Andrea is a New York-based writer born in Boston, MA. Plays include HUMAN FRUIT BOWL (La Chartreuse, Avignon, France; Hong Kong MicroFest; 3 Bridges New Zealand tour; terraNOVA Collective & Baruch Performing Arts Center, NYC; Philadelphia Fringe; Prague Fringe, Kreativni Cena Award; FringeNYC Encore Series & Overall Excellence Award), COMPLETE (Wilder Theatrics, LA; Bay Area Playwrights Festival, San Francisco; Capital Stage/Playwrights Revolution, Sacramento; FringeNYC Encore Series), KISSING, and COUCH. Andrea has been commissioned by WP Theater where she’s also an alumna of the 2010-2012 Lab. She was a 2014 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council resident, is a recipient of the Tournesol Residency and a TBA CASH Grant, and has been a Princess Grace Award finalist. 



Reviews of Complete


“**** [FOUR STARS]  …Every word counts.”

“Lacerating wit and tough insight… surprisingly funny and bracingly bright”


“Critic’s Pick”
— BACKSTAGE (NYC production)

“A piercing parody.”
— BACKSTAGE (LA production)

“Clever, well-written and sharp.”
— EyeSpyLA

Reviews of Human Fruit Bowl


“Do This!”


“#1 – Hong Kong’s Hot 5”


“Still-life brilliance keeps audience spellbound”


“…finely crafted, endlessly interesting…” 

– NYTheatre.com

“Miraculous… the way the story unfolds through this fusion of one-person show and art class keeps us hooked.”

— New York Theatre Review

“A surprisingly engrossing production…Human Fruit Bowl rivets its audience”

— TheaterMania


COUCH (2 W, 1 M)

A playwright addicted to soap operas promises two actor friends she’ll write a play for them, but instead falls deeper into a soap-induced stupor brought on by the Trump election. From the Russia investigation to the heart of metoo, with a healthy dose of shootings, bombings, and climate catastrophes along the way, COUCH is a backstage comedy that asks: How are we holding onto our humanity in the face of events that threaten to anesthetize us? And just how similar to General Hospital is real life? Set in the intimacy of a living room, and residing inside the conversations we're having as a nation right now, COUCH is a reinvention of the drawing room play that speaks to us where we live. 

In 1920s Paris, when the painter Pierre Bonnard marries another woman, his model and lover Renee Monchaty kills herself in a bathtub. Or so the story goes. Part story, part mystery, part live fine art modeling session, this fast-paced monologue delivered in stillness asks: What are the stories we tell about artists and their muses? What are the truths, if any, to be found?
Produced Off-Broadway by Baruch Performing Arts Center and terraNOVA Collective. Presented in New York in terraNOVA Collective’s soloNOVA Arts Festival. Toured in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Prague, Philadelphia, and throughout New Zealand. French translation (Nu dans le bain) produced in Avignon in 2017. 

COMPLETE (1 W, 2 M, 1 girl)
Two obsessive linguists, a nine-year-old zealot and the magnetic leader of a group seminar meet head-on in this fast-paced comedy about the power and perversion of language. When Eve finds out Micah is doing “The Program,” she risks their careers, their relationship and their safety to prove just how destructive the notion of self-creation can be.
Produced by Wilder Theatrics at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles; produced in FringeNYC and FringeNYC Encore Series. Finalist for the Princess Grace Award. 

KISSING (2 W, 2 M)
Aunt Colleen is rallying the neighborhood against a condo development across the street from the family pub. Little Tommy keeps moving his personal belongings into his cousin Natalie’s apartment when no one’s looking. When an old high school enemy returns to town, will he nudge Natalie onto the road not taken, or will he push Tommy to take what he really wants? A comic drama about home and belonging in a working-class Boston community in the throes of gentrification.
In development.

GRAVESIDE (1 W, 1 M) One-act
A top-ten list of why Natty’s cousin Frankie is such an asshole.